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Mike & Matt Perfetuo

Height: 5'8" Weight: 160 Eyes: Brown Hair: N/A 

Location:  Los Angeles



ChinaTown Detective II                      Supporting   Sicheng Chen      Wonda Group

There's No Such Things As Vampires   Co-Star        Logan Thomas    Ascent Releasing

The Other Half                                  Lead           David Field        Caterpillar Films
Muck                                                Co-Star       Steve Wolsh       With an O Productions
Red Butterfly                                      Co-Star       
Jon Alston           Dream America Pictures


Stage Combat

Gun Handling


Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Pilates Instructor

Training & Workshops

Caymichael Patten Studio   Scene Study               Caymichael Patten

William Esper Studio         Meisner                     Suzanne Esper/Barbara Marchant

Assumption College            Improv                      Brian Tivnan

Assumption College            Theatrical                    Brian Tivnan

Assumption College            Singing                        Sarah Hall

Assumption College            Dance                          Jennifer Agbay

Larry Moss Studios            Intensive technique      Michelle Danner

Larry Moss Studios            Scene Study                John Cirigliano

Larry Moss Studios            Cold Reading              Brian Drillinger

Larry Moss Studios            Voice                         Brian Drillinger

Upright Citizens Brigade     Improv 101                  Julie Brister




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